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BSc Honours Adult Nursing @ Queens Belfast

I took a leap of faith when I moved to Belfast from Scotland to study at Queen's. My contingency plan was to see my first year out and ap...

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reviewed on October 1, 2014

Northern Ireland's top university both in global rankings and research impact, Queen's University Belfast is fast becoming a top choice of students looking to study in the UK. The University has its roots in the 1800s prior to receiving full university status in the early 1900s. This long history comes with academic excellence and globally recognised research.

With the tensions in Northern Ireland now mostly resolved, more international students are starting to select Queen's as their study destination. More than 500 overseas postgraduate students attend the University each year.


‘Monumental’ discovery for Derry~Londonderry City by Queen’s researchers and local historians

Researchers have discovered that a major medieval monument has been hidden in plain-sight for centuries in the heart of Derry City, making it the only medieval structure still standing in the city.The monument, which stands in the grounds of Lumen Christi College, was previously thought to be the... - September 28, 2018

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to receive Honorary Degree from Queen’s

Secretary Clinton will be awarded the degree of Doctor of Laws (LLD) for her exceptional public service in the USA and globally, and for her outstanding contribution to peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland. Queen’s University President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Ian Greer, said: ... - September 27, 2018

Leading UK and Chinese Universities hold international conferences on manufacturing and energy

The International Conference on Intelligent Manufacturing and Internet of Things (IMIOT 2018) and International Conference on Intelligent Computing for Sustainable Energy and Environment (ICSEE 2018) were held from 21-23 September in Chongqing, China. These two conferences gave international rese... - September 26, 2018

ESRC Festival of Social Science Comes Again to Northern Ireland

This year the ESRC festival in Northern Ireland will be led by Queen’s University Belfast, running from 3-10 November and will feature a total of 26 free events organised by social science academics from Queen’s, Ulster University and The Open University. The UK-wide Festival aims to ... - September 24, 2018

Basking sharks can jump as high and as fast as a great white shark

Basking sharks, hundreds of which are found off the shores of Ireland, Cornwall, the Isle of Man and Scotland and the second largest fish in the world reaching lengths up to 10m (33ft), have previously had a reputation for being slow and languid as they scour the sea for their staple di... - September 20, 2018

£32m Wellcome-Wolfson Institute for Experimental Medicine opens at Queen’s

The £32m award-winning building, funded by Wellcome and The Wolfson Foundation, is supporting the expansion of experimental medicine – an institutional priority for the University. The building was officially opened today (Friday 14 September) by Sir Paul Nurse, winner of the Nobel Pr... - September 14, 2018

Researchers find that Brexit will threaten the peace process and weaken human rights and equality

BrexitLawNI is a partnership between researchers from the Schools of Law at Queen’s and Ulster University and human rights experts from the Committee on the Administration of Justice (CAJ). The project, which is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), is led by Professor ... - September 13, 2018

Queen’s and Ulster University co-host research excellence showcase at Ulster Museum

At the event, the Vice-Chancellor of each university addressed the audience to discuss the breadth and impact of research currently undertaken in Northern Ireland by highly skilled doctoral researchers and the impact this has on local business and the economy.  Eight doctoral researchers fro... - September 7, 2018

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