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Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) @ MQ

reviewed on October 31, 2014

Life in university is second to none in my life. Why do I say that? Well, I can do various things that I want without stressing out to come early to the class every single morning. University classes are flexible, unlike your schedule in high school. You can put every of your classes in the night or any time you prefer. This give multiple benefits to anyone who are working part-time or full-time, as well as other such activities as religious, sport, and art. Students are required to engage in the class, with some of tutorial classes, the tutors do mark your participation. This avoid the class being muted.

Apart from studies, Macquarie University offers variety of activities from gymnastic class sessions, sport, game and art competitions, party, and charity. Prizes are available for those who win the competitions. Gymnastic class sessions are the best activities in the university experience. Why is that being the best where you have to waste energy, be sweating, and dying thereafter? Say, you join the RPM class as you would cycle in 80 km/hour. Honestly, once I heard that, I never want to join it, yet until now, I never join any classes. Then, why the heck can I say gymnastic class sessions are the best? I like to talk to people and among hundreds of my friends, they do all say same comments. Here is one of my friend, Aileen say: “Once, I join the Zumba class, I would never even miss it!” See, that was the feedback from one of my hundred friends.

However, one of the bad thing arises in university life is the failure to accomplish your degree on time. I do not intend to frighten you, but a lot of my friends have been facing this big issue. They became lazy or busy once reaching the final year while the penultimate year of your studies are all of 3rd year units and are the hardest units. It is predominant to study hard. For example, student A has got a new job in his final year and he is working 25 hours per week. Well, if you can manage your time carefully, that is alright. On the other hand, student B is just studying and at the end of their semester, USUALLY, student B would get higher marks than student A. Somehow, it is contradict to that, student A is fine in managing time so he is still able to accomplish with charming results.

Here are my tips for future students who come later, including overseas or native students. Please, manage your time carefully, you have to balance your social, study, and other activities time. You cannot cram all of those in one time. Say, you study before partying and that was happened with one of my Srilankan friend. He was always partying once a week or even twice, but he always studied in the morning. Eventually, he achieved his GPA with 3.25 out of 4.0. Also, join activities in university and get experiences before finishing your studies will give advantage to you as you will get additional points to enhance your knowledge and make your resume is much better looking.

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Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) @ MQ

reviewed on October 14, 2014

Macquarie University is full of potential students. The only drawback is you have to pluck up the courage if you want to meet more new friends.
The campus and the education system are simply fabulous !!! It comes as no surprise that it is rated 5 star.
The lecturers are very smart and most of them make us want to go for lectures.
Another thing I like the most is it stresses the importance of Egalitarianism, that makes each and everyone of us love this Uni.

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Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) @ MQ

reviewed on September 5, 2014

Some lecturers and tutors are really good others not so much, it really depends on whether you are lucky or not. 200 and 300 Lvl Accounting units are hard. Business law subjects usually allow cheatsheets for final exams. People in MQ uni are less social and friendly compared to other universities. Group work is present in almost any units. Most class rooms are old, with bad ventilation, - sucks. Some older lecture halls have the same issue. The new buildings and classrooms are pretty good though but there are not a lot of them. Library, MUSE and GYM facilities are superb.

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