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reviewed by Cremona.Clarissa on March 13, 2014

I am a first year robotics student. My course is in its first year as it was stopped two years ago to be reorganised and put in a different department in the uni. I find that it is kind of experimental and most of it is disorganised. There are 11 of us doing this course and we dont get any lectures specifically for us in all our years here which makes me wonder if it is even a proper course and if by the end of it we will be well-prepared. Being from Malta, first year is relaxing for me- I have done most od the material before and so do not feel like I have learnt much.
Campus is beautiful though out of the way - will feel this more next year when I don't live on campus.
Lecturers are very helpful and where help is wanted it is found.
The sports and student unions are quite disorganised - many of the events are not advertised properly (especially uni team games) and the events (especially parties) are terrible. Expecting a British uni experience, freshers week was quite disappointing even though I met some great people.
Overall I do not regret coming to heriot watt but would enjoy my experience more if there was a sense of organisation.

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