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MSc Industrial Enterprise Management @ Aston

reviewed on سبتمبر 24, 2013

Aston University is located at the heart of Birmingham with excellence facilities available on campus. You can enjoy yourself in the campus with superb facilities at Sport Centre or in the famous Birmingham shopping street which is just across the road. The university also provides outstanding support to International students via “The Hub” in order to support and advice on a wide range of subjects such as programme, accommodation, tutorial group, visa and so on.

Studying at Aston University provided me a strong background in both academic and soft skills. MSc in Industrial Enterprise Management focuses on an integrate knowledge of strategic management of engineering and technology businesses. The programme equipped with all necessary knowledge required in a real working. Teaching methods enables you to develop your knowledge and expertise through the learning process. It is an awesome experience studying at Aston University.

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Google Map - Aston
المدينة Birmingham, UK
تم الإنشاء 1895
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