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Muskaan Khan

Fraser Valley Inc. (An ICEF Approved Agency) is an education collaboration firm operating out of the Fraser Valley in British Columbia, Canada with a processing office in India and representation in the Middle East.

Our Team members are certified by ICEF as Trained Agency Counselor (ITAC) and Certified Canada Course Graduate (CCG), which is why we provide excellence and professional standards in International Education. Our objective is to help promote professional development of deserving candidates to view Canada as a study destination, providing support for admissions to most appropriate Institutions and in the best programs for International Students.

Scope Of Work

Collaborating between international universities and colleges, we help develop:

Academic agreements
Syllabus mapping
Credit transfers
Exchange programs
International partnerships
Student recruitment
FVI has local representation in India and Middle East. Our representation at educational fairs, presentations in schools and colleges, career fairs, education tours, press conferences and seminars, has strengthend our resolve as well as expertise at providing excellent support.

We have developed efficient training methodologies and procedural guidelines to support our student advisors. Our relationship with our collaborators is driven by our sincere belief in professional ethics.

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