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*Student Counseling - provides professional and personalized consultation services; assists our clients with their education needs by providing the most up-to-date course information, entry requirements and advice regarding opportunities.

*Program Application - with our experienced counselors, we assist our clients with all their program applications by collecting all the necessary documents, assisting them to fill in the forms, interpreting and explaining the terms and conditions of each application. We make sure all applications are processed within the relevant time frame.

*Accommodation Placement - assist our clients to find appropriate accommodation by collecting preference data and assisting them to communicate with accommodation providers.

*Airport Greeting - make sure our clients arrive at their destinations without any hassles or worries by using experienced and reputable airport pickup drivers

*Visa Applications - Australian visa system is complicated, it requires certain knowledge and training in order to provide accurate information to our clients. All of our counselors are well trained and experienced. New migration regulations and Acts are constantly updated by an Australian Registered Migration Agent.

*Heart-warming Post Arrival Services - Most students have difficulties in adapting to a new environment, especially living in a country where English is not their native language. Very often they need assistance with their everyday living, banking, study and communication. We have onshore offices in Australia and 24 hour emergency contact number for students who need urgent help. Our 1300 number is a great live saver, no matter where the students are, 1300 765 480 only cost them a local call.

After Services also include:
*Taiwanese festival celebration: Moon festival, Dragon boat festival, Chinese Lunar New Year celebration
*New-comer activities: barbeque and outings

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