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Hands On Education Consultants was founded in 2005 to help Thai students find the right place for them to study at UK Universities. Since that time, we have helped over 3000 students go to study in the UK and now work with more than 80 universities. All our counsellors across our five branches in Thailand have UK study experience.

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48b73bfa86bedc5dcadf7f67221fa0a2 Kaviraj404

MEng Aerospace Engineering @ Bristol

In simple words, I wouldn't have been able to go to the UK without the help of Hands On. They gave me all the advice and guidance regarding the university and visa application process. They are extremely efficient and reliable. Always there when needed.

تم مراجعتها في أغسطس 12, 2015
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B4fac5729e6fa551e9fbe24d84bdadf5 Natnarieeiam

MA Special and Inclusive Education @ UCL

تم مراجعتها في يوليو 9, 2015
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