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About GSE:

Global Education Services Company Limited (abbreviation: GSE), formerly Co. International Education GetSet, is the first educational organization dedicated to providing consulting services objectively and honestly about the study in English-speaking countries. GSE, with many years of operation in the field of education, can help students enroll any levels (high school, college career, college, high school, doctors, or English courses) and courses in many countries such as UK, USA, Australia, and New Zealand, etc.
With the aim to give the customers the best and most efficient service, since 01/10/2011, GSE has cooperated with the Beo (British Education Office) Education Study Group - one of the leading consulting company of studying and training in Asia. In recent years, Beo Study has sent thousands of successful students applying to study in English-speaking countries.
Currently, we have offices in Japan, Thailand, United Kingdom, China, India, and Vietnam.
With British leadership team and counselors in Vietnam are the alumni, same broad network operations, GSE-beo provides professional consulting services for the students, officers, employees, professionals who have the desire and the need to be educated in English-speaking countries have the most developed education.

Management of GSE BEO
Paul Taylor - Chief Executive of BEO
After the first time working at the Japanese Ministry of Education and then the Panasonic Group, Paul Taylor was the founder of the British Council Office in Nagoya in 1995 and is responsible for the operation of the national education development, the largest of the British Council in Malaysia until 1999.
In 2000, Mr. Paul Taylor founded BEO corporations in Japan and now has 22 years of working in international education and development with direct experience Admissions Admissions at the top 10 international markets.

Cameron Allen - Managing Director of Southeast Asia
Mr Cameron Allen has 13 years of experience working in the Admissions Office International in many Universities UK, former Head of International Students at the University of East Anglia, Director of International Admissions at the University of Northumbria and Chief International relations of the University of Salford.
In 2005, Cameron Allen establishment of the Education Consulting Hands on in Bangkok, Thailand, and helps companies develop stable, gradually dominate the Thai market. Currently, this company is a leading education consultancy, especially in the University Admissions University and later in this country.

Julie Doan - CEO GSE-BEO Vietnam
She is the founder of the company Global Education Services Company Limited (GSE) and was a former student in the UK and the Netherlands. She has held positions in charge of Marketing and market development in Vietnam for the Language Specialist International and the University of Portsmouth in England.
With many years of experience working in the field of education in other countries, she has contributed to help GSE gradually win the trust love of parents, pupils and students, the reputation and the support of organizations international educational development.

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