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Choosing the right university can be a difficult experience for students desiring to study overseas. How do they know which university is the right fit for them? What do they have to do to get into the country? How will they get there? Edurecruit helps assist prospective students in making the right choice for their futures.

Prospective students or parents can utilize the benefits of Edurecruit services, and will have access to:

Detailed and accurate information about the degree programs, services, locations and reputations of all the universities in the Edurecruit network.
Expert and trustworthy enrollment counseling on which universities offer the best degree program and location to suit the student's needs.
All necessary university forms and associated paperwork and guidance through university processing.
Easy guidelines and assistance throughout the immigration/visa processes.Assistance and follow-up to ensure a safe arrival and transition abroad
For an additional fee, students in the Edurecruit network may gain access to first-class Concierge Service to further assist with the planning of safe, reliable travel abroad.

Edurecruit connects prospective students to fully accredited, highly regarded universities with the programs they need to achieve their educational goals. Our expert enrollment team guides them through the entire process, from application and immigration to safe arrival at their desired university.

Edurecruit is operated by a team of highly experienced international education experts. Our enrollment team possesses long-established relationships with universities and agents across the globe which provide a solid pipeline of quality international students, both on-campus and online, for educational institutions.

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